I've been wearing underwear for several years now. It started with my youngest sister

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With last weekend's trip, I came kind of late night on Friday night. My sister, knowing that it was me, opened up the door wearing just her panties and high heel slippers. After exchanging hugs and me complimenting her red lace, higher cut bikini, we both headed to our beds. I entered the kitchen to locate my sister standing on the stove. Her back had been turned to me personally. She was wearing a short, very pretty nylon and the exact sexy slippers from the prior night. The robe was not completely undamaged, but sheer enough to let me observe my sister was sporting a very hot laps under the robe which covered her 40+ butt just enough to make a guy want to find the remainder of it. My sister's 40+ butt has the type of shape that make a man's heart stop. Her bum has the shape such as the perfect upside down heart, and also website narrows radically in her 24-inch waistline. From the side view, her ass bubbles out, filling her skirt and jeans as though the garments were custom fit to her ass.
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